PMC News

Kern Transit Announces Fare and Mountain Ridership Updates

According to the local newsletter, the Condor: ” The Kern Transit System is trying to improve ridership. During  July and August, they conducted a fare study and presented a survey to riders to help improve services. Unfortunately, the Pine Mountain Club route has become less frequently used, and in a September forum conducted around the mountain communities, they reported that the service to PMC was being reduced to Tuesdays and Saturdays as a result of low ridership. Kern Transit is willing to provide a subsidized service to the mountain, but needs at least a 10 percent return. This means that they are willing to provide a 90 percent subsidy on a schedule suitable to the current ridership. Increased ridership is needed in order to increase services; if ridership continues to be low, there may be an even greater reduction in services to PMC. ”

Cal Fire Offers Advice on Managing Bark Beetles In Pine Mountain Club

According to the Condor, the beetles are common but destructive insects that damage or kill conifers and some broadleaf trees in California. Adult beetles bore into the inner bark where they lay eggs and their off spring feed, effectively girdling the tree. Trees stressed by unfavorable conditions such as drought, disease, defoliation, high stand density or poor tree care are most susceptible. Most bark beetles are fairly specific as to their preferred host tree(s), and to the location where they attack on the tree. For instance, it is not unusual to find one species of beetle attacking the top and large branches, and another attacking the main trunk, and yet another attacking the tree base.