Looking For A Home In Pine Mountain Club?

If you are looking for a home to rent in Kern County and want to live in a safe mountain community with clean air, good schools and a short commute to Los Angeles or Ventura you should consider Pine Mountain Club.  It is close to everything but far away from the rest of the world.  Why is PMC better than any other community?  It has 24 hour private security, a country club with golf, tennis and swimming pool.  It enjoys strict rules and regulations to keep out the riff raff and maintain a beautiful community.  You will not see mobile homes because they are not allowed, you will not see unkempt lawns or garbage in yards because there is local patrols to keep the community clean and desirable.

Anyone considering a move to Pine Mountain Club must be aware that the area can get a lot of snow in the winter and it can get very cold.  When it does snow the roads are cleared fairly quickly but delays can occur.