Leaving the City For the Mountains

If you are thinking about leaving the city for a new life in Pine Mountain Club you are not alone.  Many former city dwellers have taken the plunge to start living life where the air is crisp and clean and traffic headaches are nonexistent.  The PMC community is a hidden gem only one hour from the San Fernando Valley yet when your here you feel a million miles from the big city.

Before you move forward here are some things to consider:

  1.  Big city amenities are limited.  There is no Costco in Pine Mountain Club.  Shopping must be done in advance and is something planned.  There are markets in the area, however choices and prices are not as favorable as living in the Valley or other large city.  There is no corner Starbucks in PMC.  The good news is that any inconvenience is more than made up by the lower home costs, lower monthly rent and higher quality of life.
  2. The snow.  Make sure you have snow tires.  Many people who make the transition to Mountain living do not plan for the cold weather.  You will use the heater more in the winter so fuel costs are also a bigger concern.  Most homes run on propane which needs to be refilled periodically.
  3. Internet.  Choices are limited, however there is high speed internet available.  If you use the web for your work, consider the providers in your area.
  4. Cell coverage.  Some carriers are not well represented in PMC.  Although there is a new cell phone tower, make sure your provider offers good coverage.
  5. Wildlife.  There are bears, deer, raccoons, and other critters.  Be careful when driving, especially at night, as deer cross the road regularly and can cause major damage.  Avoid leaving pet food outside.  Keep trash cans covered.
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