Pine Mountain Club, A Mountain Community Close To Everything!


Pine Mountain Club is indeed a Wonderful Place to live.  The community offers 24 hour security patrol to keep out the riffraff, community swimming pool, mountain air, golf, camping, hiking and a local community vibe that no longer exists in Los Angeles or Bakersfield.

What makes Pine Mountain Club different from any other community?  It is a private homeowner association that strictly regulated the look and feel of the homes and disallows conduct which is not conducive to a peaceful, beautiful, tranquil living environment.  The schools are top notch and the area is patrolled 24 hours a day by private security.  Anyone looking for a home to rent in Pine Mountain should visit the area and spend the day at the country club, play a round of golf at the local course and enjoy a hike in the local mountains.

Homes for rent in this area are affordable compared to Los Angeles yet the commute is an hour to Santa Clarita or Ventura.


The community was originally used to ranch cattle, in fact some early photos of PMC show cattle grazing in the area which is now the golf course.  The community was developed and lots were sold starting in the 1970’s.

There are two primary ways into the community.  One is from Interstate 5, the other is the “back road” that comes from Ventura, Ojai and the central coast.  Shopping is somewhat limited, as intended.  There is a small food market and liquor store in downtown Pine Mountain Club but larger supermarkets can be found in Frazier Park.  There is a gas station, post office and numerous small shops, churches and restaurants.

What should one be aware of if considering renting a home in Pine Mountain Club area?  First, you should be familiar with your credit score.  Owners will scrutinise a prospective tenant’s track record in paying bills on time.  Second, a deposit of typically twice the monthly rent will be required.  Lastly, if pets are in a he family household, be sure the property will accept them prior to applying.

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